AREDAY 2018 Featured Speakers

Join world leaders at AREDAY2018

The Annual Summit brings together over 100 cross-sector speakers and includes a film festival, concert and environmental expo. Join us this year!

Lisa Altieri, Founder & CEO, Climate Solutions NetLisa Altieri
Founder & CEO
Climate Solutions Net

Ariel Anbar, Center Director & ASU President's Professor, Center for Education Through eXploration ASUAriel Anbar
Center Director & ASU President's Professor
Center for Education Through eXploration ASU

Paul Andersen, Author and ColumnistPaul Andersen
Author and Columnist

Laughlin Artz, Executive Director, 2020 or BustLaughlin Artz
Executive Director
2020 or Bust

Paul Atkins, Director/Cinematographer Paul Atkins

Brian Badger, Director of Conservation and Outreach, Cheetah Conservation FundBrian Badger
Director of Conservation and Outreach
Cheetah Conservation Fund

Phyllis Bald Eagle, Traditional Lakota ElderPhyllis Bald Eagle
Traditional Lakota Elder

James Balog, Founder & Director, Earth Vision Institute & Extreme Ice SurveyJames Balog
Founder & Director
Earth Vision Institute & Extreme Ice Survey

Bill Becker, Presidential Climate Action ProjectBill Becker
Executive Director
Presidential Climate Action Project

Aaron Berger, Nexus Working Group on Climate ChangeAaron Berger
Asymmetrical Solutions

Shamar Bibbins, Senior Program Officer, Environment at The Kresge FoundationShamar Bibbins
Senior Program Officer
Environment at The Kresge Foundation

Dana Bourland, AICP, Vice President, Environment, The JPB FoundationDana Bourland, AICP
Vice President, Environment
The JPB Foundation

Jon Bowermaster, Ocean 8 FilmsJon Bowermaster
Oceans 8 Films

Peter Boyd, Founder, Time4GoodPeter Boyd

Bill Brandt, ASU LightworksBill Brandt
Director of Strategic Integration
ASU Lightworks

Melody Saunders Brenna, CEo Founder, Reef Life Restoration and FoundationMelody Saunders Brenna
CEO Co-Founder
Reef Life Restoration and Foundation

Kate Brooks, Filmmaker & Photographer, The Last AnimalsKate Brooks
Filmmaker & Photographer
The Last Animals

Adam Browning, Executive Director, Vote SolarAdam Browning
Executive Director
Vote Solar

Arlene Burns, Mayor Mosier, OregonArlene Burns
Mosier, OR

Markey Butler, Mayor, Snowmass VillageMarkey Butler
Snowmass Village

Michael Cain, M3 FilmsMichael Cain

James D. Calaway, Chairman, Orocobre LtdJames D. Calaway
Global Geosciences Ltd

Evan Caron, Founding Partner & Managing Director, SwytchEvan Caron
Founding Partner & Managing Director

Kevin Carriere, President & CEO, Powertron GlobalKevin Carriere
President & CEO
Powertron Global

Mark Chasan, Esq., Managing Director, Exemplar Law, LLCMark Chasan, Esq.
Managing Director
Exemplar Law, LLC

Graciela Chichilnisky, Global ThermostatGraciela Chichilnisky
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Global Thermostat

Susanna Choe, Co-Founder & President, Peace AcceleratorsSusanna Choe
Co-Founder & President
Peace Accelerators

General Wesley Clark, Growth EnergyGen. Wesley Clark
Growth Energy

Dianna Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution CoalitionDianna Cohen
CEO & Co-Founder
Plastic Pollution Coalition

Danny Copeland, Underwater Multimedia SpecialistDanny Copeland
Underwater Multimedia Specialist

Dame DC Cordova, Owner & CEO, Excellerated Business SchoolsDame DC Cordova
Owner & CEO
Excellerated Business Schools

Jean-Michel Cousteau, President, Chairman & Founder, Ocean Futures SocietyJean-Michel Cousteau
President, Chairman & Founder
Ocean Futures Society

Trammell S. Crow, Founder, EarthXTrammell S. Crow

Brian Czech, Founder & Executive Director, Center for Advancement of Steady State Economy (CASSE)Brian Czech
Founder & Executive Director
Center for Advancement of Steady State Economy (CASSE)

Dr. Sylvia Earle, President & Chairman, Mission Blue & The Sea AllianceDr. Sylvia Earle
President & Chairman
Mission Blue & The Sea Alliance

Amanda Ellis, East West CenterAmanda Ellis
Executive Director, Hawaii & Asia Pacific
ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

David L. Eves, Executive Vice President, Group President - Utilities, Xcel EnergyDavid L. Eves
Executive Vice President, Group President - Utilities
Xcel Energy

Peter Fiekowsky, Founder, Healthy Climate AlliancePeter Fiekowsky
Healthy Climate Alliance

Maggie Fox, Maggie Fox StrategiesMaggie Fox
On Common Ground
Maggie Fox Strategies

Jackie Francis, Director, Keeling Curve PrizeJackie Francis
Keeling Curve Prize

Kenny Frost, Ute LeaderKenny Frost
Spiritual Leader
Ute Indian Tribe

Patrick Furlotti, Global ManaPatrick Furlotti
Founder & CEO
Projects for Good
Global Mana

Veronica Garcia, CEO & Founder, BitlumensVeronica Garcia
CEO & Founder

Megan Gilman, Co-Founder & President, North 39 Energy & Active EnergiesMegan Gilman
Co-Founder & President
North 39 Energy & Active Energies

Katie Isaak Ginsberg, Founder & Executive Director, CELFKatie Isaak Ginsberg
Founder & Executive Director
Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF)

Jon Goldin-Dubois, Western Resource AdvocatesJon Goldin-Dubois
Western Resource Advocates

Lindsay Gonzalez, EarthToday FoundationLindsay Gonzalez
Founding Director and Head of Global Communications
EarthToday Foundation

Richard Greene, Political Communication Strategist & Author, 279 for ChangeRichard Greene
Political Communication Strategist & Author
279 for Change

Geoff Greenfield, Third Sun SolarGeoff Greenfield
Third Sun Solar

Juan Grobler, Executive Vice President, FridgeWize, Inc.Juan Grobler
Executive Vice President
FridgeWize, Inc.

Leo Guzman, Founder & CEO, Guzman EnergyLeo Guzman
Founder & CEO
Guzman Energy

Dr. Bryan Hannegan, President & CEO, Holy Cross EnergyDr. Bryan Hannegan
President & CEO
Holy Cross Energy

Paul Hawken, Executive Director, Project DrawdownPaul Hawken
Executive Director
Project Drawdown

Charles Hernick, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions ForumCharles Hernick
Director of Policy and Advocacy
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum

Peter Hirshberg, Founder, Maker City ProjectPeter Hirshberg
Maker City Project

Anthony Hobley, Carbon TrackerAnthony Hobley
Carbon Tracker

Katie Hoffman, The Resilience CollaborativeKatie Hoffman
Managing Partner
ResCo, LLC

David Hornbacher, Director of Utilities and Environmental Initiatives, City of AspenDavid Hornbacher
Director of Utilities and Environmental Initiatives
City of Aspen

Emma Hutchinson, Tom Ford Fellow, Climate Solutions MacArthur FoundationEmma Hutchinson
Tom Ford Fellow, Climate Solutions
MacArthur Foundation

Hutch Hutchinson, Rocky Mountain InstituteHutch Hutchinson
Senior Fellow
Rocky Mountain Institute

A. Hannan Ismail, Senior Expert, ClimatecoinA. Hannan Ismail
Senior Expert

David Kang, Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability, University of Colorado BoulderDavid Kang
Vice Chancellor for Infrastructure and Sustainability
University of Colorado Boulder

Jim Kehoe, Design Leader, Charles Cunniffe ArchitectsJim Kehoe
Design Leader
Charles Cunniffe Architects

Allie Kelly, Executive Director, The RayAllie Kelly
Executive Director
The Ray

Thomas King, Managing Partner, CrossRiver CapitalThomas King
Managing Partner
CrossRiver Capital

Jules Kortenhorst, Rocky Mountain InstituteJules Kortenhorst
Rocky Mountain Institute

Daniel Kreeger, Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO)Daniel Kreeger
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO)

Heidi Kuhn, Founder & CEO, Roots of PeaceHeidi Kuhn
Founder & CEO
Roots of Peace

Sandra Kwak
CEO & Founder

Osprey Orielle Lake, WECANOsprey Orielle Lake
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Gregory Landua, Terra Genesis InternationalGregory Landua
Terra Genesis International

Brook LeVan, Sustainable SettingsBrook LeVan
C.E.O. Cosmic Engagement Officer
Sustainable Settings

Amy Lewis, Vice President of Communications & Development, WILD FoundationAmy Lewis
Vice President of Communications & Development
WILD Foundation

Kristen Linzy, Program Coordinator, SolarSPELLKristen Linzy
Program Coordinator

Corey Lockman, Program Director, Wildlife Protection SolutionsCorey Lockman
Program Director
Wildlife Protection Solutions

Michael Longoria, Executive Director, ImpactXMichael Longoria
Executive Director

Mindy Lubber, CEO & President, CeresMindy Lubber
CEO & President

Aaron Makaruk, CEO, OSBeehivesAaron Makaruk

Chris Marston, CEO, Exemplar Companies, Inc.Chris Marston
Exemplar Companies, Inc.

Vance Martin, President, Wild FoundationVance Martin
Wild Foundation

Enrique Martinez, CEO, WebCapitalists Corp.Enrique Martinez
WebCapitalists Corp.

Mynoo Maryel, The PoEM FoundationMynoo Maryel
The PoEM Foundation

John McBride, Founder, The Sopris FoundationJohn McBride
The Sopris Foundation

Kate McBride, Rancher and EntrepreneurKate McBride
Rancher and Entrepreneur

Tim McCollough, Deputy Director of Light & Power, City of Fort Collins’ Utility DepartmentTim McCollough
Deputy Director of Light & Power
City of Fort Collins’ Utility Department

Taite McDonald, Partner, Holland & KnightTaite McDonald
Holland & Knight

Ruarai McKenna, care2Ruarai McKenna
Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Randy McNamara, Transformational EducatorRandy McNamara
Transformational Educator

Steve Michelson, The Fund for Sustainable TomorrowsSteve Michelson
Executive Director
The Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows

Jeff Mikulina, Executive Director, Blue Planet FoundationJeff Mikulina
Executive Director
Blue Planet Foundation

Chris A. Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Guzman EnergyChris A. Miller
Chief Operating Officer
Guzman Energy

Pat Mitchell CEO, Producer & ActivistPat Mitchell
Pat Mitchell Media

Mario Molina, Protect Our WintersMario Molina
Executive Director
Protect Our Winters

River Morgan, Third Generation YoginiRiver Morgan
Third Generation

J. Todd Morley, Co-Founder, Y2XJ. Todd Morley

Hawk Newsome, President, BLMgreaterNYHawk Newsome

Jennifer Nielsen, Founder, ekkoJennifer Nielsen

Claes Nobel, Founder & Chairman, United EarthClaes Nobel
Founder & Chairman
United Earth

Marcus Nobel, Executive Director & President, United EarthMarcus Nobel
Executive Director & President
United Earth

Matthew Nordan, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Investment Committee, PRIME CoalitionMatthew Nordan
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Investment Committee
PRIME Coalition

Catherine Novelli, Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the EnvironmentCatherine Novelli
Listening for America

Jean-Marc O'Brien, Director, Ardour Capital InvestmentsJean-Marc O'Brien
Ardour Capital Investments

Collin O'Mara, President & CEO, National Wildlife FederationCollin O'Mara
President & CEO
National Wildlife Federation

David Orr, Oberlin CollegeDavid Orr
Professor of Environmental Studies
Oberlin College

Jerome Osentowski, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture InstituteJerome Osentowski
Founder & Director
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

CJ Palmer, Founder, Silver Road Wind PowerCJ Palmer
Sustainable Soundtracks

Keith Paustien, University Distinguished Professor Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Colorado State UniversityKeith Paustien
University Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences
Colorado State University

Mike Phillips, Turner Endangered Species Fund (TESF)Mike Phillips
Executive Director
Turner Endangered Species Fund

Luka Powanga, Energy Africa ConferenceLuka Powanga
Executive Director
Energy Africa Conference

John Powers, Alliance for Sustainable ColoradoJohn Powers
Founder & President
Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

Heather Reams, Managing Director, Citizens for Responsible Energy SolutionsHeather Reams
Managing Director
Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Shawn Reifsteck, Vice President of Philanthropy, ClimateWorks FoundationShawn Reifsteck
Vice President of Philanthropy
ClimateWorks Foundation

Greg Reitman, Blue Water Entertainment, IncGreg Reitman
Blue Water
Entertainment, Inc

Chris Riley, President, Guzman EnergyChris Riley
Guzman Energy

Bill Ritter Former, Founder & Director, Center for the New Energy Economy, CSUBill Ritter
Former Governor of Colorado
Founder & Director
Center for the New Energy Economy, CSU

Erin Rogers, Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation’s Environment ProgramErin Rogers
Program Officer
Hewlett Foundation’s Environment Program

Henk Rogers, Blue Planet FoundationHenk Rogers
Founder & Chairman
Blue Planet Foundation

John W. Roulac, NutivaJohn W. Roulac
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Will Roush, Conservation Director, Wilderness WorkshopWill Roush
Conservation Director
Wilderness Workshop

David Sabo, Founder, Symbol NetworkDavid Sabo
Symbol Network

Hanieh Sadat, impactXHanieh Sadat
Managing Partner
GenesysOne Capital

Christopher Salata, Co-Founder, Chief Vision Officer, Peace AcceleratorsChristopher Salata
Co-Founder, Chief Vision Officer
Peace Accelerators

Anita Sanchez, Pachamama AllianceAnita Sanchez
Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Author & Speaker

Andrew Scott, Founder, Open Mind ProjectAndrew Scott
Open Mind Project

Rutherford Seydel, Partner, Davis, Pickren Seydel & SneedRutherford Seydel
The Oxygen Project

Scott Seydel, U.S. Trustee of the Ellen MacArthur FoundationScott Seydel
U.S. Trustee
of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Charles Seyfert, Chief Technology Officer, FridgeWize Inc.Charles Seyfert
Chief Technology Officer
FridgeWize Inc.

Rob Sisson, ConservAmericaRob Sisson

Steve Skadron, Mayor, City of AspenSteve Skadron
City of Aspen

Jane Sloane, Director, Women’s Empowerment Program, The Asia FoundationJane Sloane
Director, Women’s Empowerment Program
The Asia Foundation

Michael Smith, Co-Founder,, Founder & Principal, PonvalleyMichael Smith
Founder & Principal, Ponvalley

Roger Sorkin, American Resilience ProjectRoger Sorkin
Producer & Director
American Resilience Project

Ellen Stechel, Co-Director, ASU LightWorksEllen Stechel
ASU LightWorks

Dr. Greg Stone, Conservation InternationalDr. Greg Stone
Executive Vice President
Conservation International

Barney Swan, International Director, ClimateForceBarney Swan
International Director

Bill Tai, Chairman, Hut 8 MiningBill Tai
Hut 8 Mining

Woody Tasch, Founder & Chairman, Slow Money InstituteWoody Tasch
Founder & Chairman
Slow Money Institute

Harry Teague, President & Principal Designer, Harry Teague ArchitectsHarry Teague
President & Principal Designer
Harry Teague Architects

Hannah Testa, Founder, Hannah4ChangeHannah Testa

Nick Thomas, Independent CandidateNick Thomas
Independent Candidate

Robin Tyner, Oceanographer, Senior Fellow, DEPLOY/USRobin Tyner
Senior Fellow

Marc van Hoof, COO, Power LedgerMarc van Hoof
Power Ledger

Heidi VanGenderen, Chief Sustainability Officer, University of Colorado BoulderHeidi VanGenderen
Chief Sustainability Officer
University of Colorado Boulder

Eden Vardy, Executive Director, Aspen TREEEden Vardy
Executive Director & Founder
The Farm Collaborative

Doug Vilsack, Legislative Liaison, Colorado Department of Natural ResourcesDoug Vilsack
Legislative Liaison
Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Sec. Tom Vilsack, Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Dairy Export CouncilSec. Tom Vilsack
Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
President & CEO
U.S. Dairy Export Council

Dr. Ietef Vita, DJ Cavem, Vegan/Raw Food ChefDr. Ietef Vita
DJ Cavem
Vegan/Raw Food Chef

Capt. Paul Watson, CEO & Founder, Sea ShepherdCapt. Paul Watson
CEO & Founder
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Eli Weiss, Founder, WildiZe FoundationEli Weiss
WildiZe Foundation

Jeff Weiss, Co-Chairman & Managing Director, Distributed SunJeff Weiss
Co-Chairman & Managing Director
Distributed Sun

Brianne West, Founder & Formulator, EthiqueBrianne West
Founder & Formulator

Julie Ann Wrigley, Wrigley InvestmentsJulie Ann Wrigley
President & CEO
Wrigley Investments

Chip Comins, AREIChip Comins
Chairman & CEO

Sally Ranney, AREI, WECANSally Ranney