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AREDAY Video Archive | Press Releases | SN&E


Day 1 – Monday, June 20th

Morning Session – Paris to Earth: The Urgency Of Climate Change Is Now
Morning Host – Abby Stern AREI
Afternoon Session – The Grand Leap: Getting to Low Carbon Economies
Afternoon Host – Lucy Kessler Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE)

Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat

Opening Prayer

Bud Wilson, Sally Ranney, Ed Bastian, Susan Skjei

Nature, Wisdom and Mindfulness: Igniting a Sustainable Future

Jeff Horowitz

Racing The Climate Change Clock

His Excellency Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

Iceland: Leading the Great Transition to 100% Renewables

Sally Ranney, Keith Tuffley, Osprey Orielle Lake

The Paris Agreement: Can It Deliver?

Chip Comins, Jon Creyts, Jens Nielsen, DC Cordova, Daniel Fung

195! The Great Global Collaboration

Mark Udall, Maggie L. Fox

High Stakes Politics: Refections on Lessons Learned and Climate Change

Randy Hayes

A True Cost Economy: How to Ecologize Capitalism

Leila Conners, Chip Comins

We The People

Julienne Stroeve

Oceans and Ice: Prophets of the Planet

Inger Andersen

Planet at the Crossroads

Robert Lavia, Chip Comins

From the Ground Up: Green Growth in Developing Countries

Rabbi Michael M. Cohen

Can Renewables Bridge the Arab and Israeli Divide?

General Wesley Clark, Gueta Mezzetti

Climate has No National Boundaries: Redefining Security

Paul Walker, Trammell S. Crow, Rod Richardson, Aaron Berger

Conservative Values and the Green Agenda

Gene Karpinski, Pete Maysmith

The Playbook: Climate and Energy in the 2016 Election

Bill Becker

Going Forward: American Clean Power Plan

Richard Eidlin, Dan Miller, Mona Newton, Lisa Tasker

Putting A Fee on Carbon: How and When?

Rod Richardson

Clean Tax Cuts: The New Clean Capitalist Climate Solution

T. Boone Pickens, Ken Losch, Chip Comins

Cleaning it Up: Natural Gas and the Future

Peter Hans Ward, Eden Vardy, Leilani Münter

Low Carbon Food: Ethics and Appetites

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Monday Closing Remarks

Day 2 – Tuesday, June 21st

Morning Session – Building Sustainability: A Movement Toward Living Within Nature’s Limits
Morning Host – David Orr Oberlin College
Afternoon Session – Capital and Climate: Shareholder to Stakeholder
Afternoon Host – Geoff Greenfield Third Sun Solar

Pastor Jane Keener-Quiat

Opening Prayer

Bill McDonough

Re-Designing Design: The Nemesis of Sustainability

David Orr

Oberlin: The Story of a City Going Climate Positive

Greg Pickrell, Michael Fuller, Harry Teague, Ann Mullins

Architecting the Future of the Built Environment

Lloyd Lee

Taking Texas Net-Zero

Carla Walker-Miller

Re-Building and Re-Energizing Detroit

Bill Brandt, Klaus Lackner, Graciela Chichilnisky

Air Capture Carbon Negative: A Technology For The Future

Stephen Scofield

Theory to Reality: Can Offsets Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Douglas Miller, Martha Campbell, Chip Comins

Media Engagement for Sustainable Behavior Change

Keith Tuffley

The End of Business as Usual

Keith Tuffley, Randy Hayes, Mark Stenftenagel

Corporate Social Responsibility: Mobilizing Business for Good

Harry Kloor

Exponential Entrepreneurism

His Excellency Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Sally Ranney

The Arctic Circle: The Frontier of Climate Change Leadership

Henk Rogers

Investing in the Future: Philanthropy and Business

Joel Serface, Rod Eckhardt, Joshua Herlands, Matthew Wright, Joel Cohn

Financing Renewable Energy

Conor Platt

Bringing Sustainable Investment Mainstream

Joel Serface, Brett Byers, Rod Eckhardt

The New Compass of Finance: Values-Based Investing

Stan Stalnaker

Better Finance: Converging Nature with Technology in Capital Markets

Vanessa Green, Clara Vonrich, Sally Ranney

Divest Invest: A Campaign Commanding Change

Katie Hoffman, John R. Seydel, Mark Bernstein, Mauricio Castillo

The Wealth Transfer: Interventions and Opportunities

Henry Elkus, Sam Feinburg


Luka Powanga

Energy Africa

Del Worley, David Hornbacher

Updating Utilities: Is a 100% Local and Regional Renewable Grid Possible?

Albert Slap, Steve Michelson

The Seas are Rising: Climate Risk Analysis

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Tuesday Closing Remarks

Carrie Besnette Hauser, John Ramo, Lynne Cherry

The Power of Education

Corie Radka, Marjorie Layden, Katie Hoffner, Osprey Orielle Lake, Sally Ranney

Linking Women and Climate Change

Day 3 – Wednesday, June 22nd

Morning Session – The Essential Shift: 100% Renewables By 2050
Morning Host – Jennifer Broome Broadcast Meteorologist
Afternoon Session – Social Innovations and Clean Tech Solutions
Afternoon Host – Leilani Münter Carbon Free Girl

Rabbi Michael Cohen

Opening Prayer

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Opening Remarks

David Fenton

The Challenges of Communicating Climate

Bob Perkowitz, Celinda Lake, David Fenton, Cheri Anderson

Activating Americans: What Works and What Doesn’t

Huang Ming

Solar Valley: Solar Everything!

Geoff Greenfield, Mat Elmore, Erica Mackie, Steve Katsaros

Light the World with Sun Energy

Susan Reilly, Jennifer Jenkins, Abby Arnold, John Kostyack

Next Generation Wind: Money, Technology and Policy

Sandra Vanderstoep, John Powers, Jon Brooks, Bern Gallagher

The DC Project at the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

Kevin Knobloch

Energy Security and US Prosperity

John R. Seydel, Kyle Sundman, Austin Rosenbaum

Solar’s Journey to Grid Parity

Michael Brune

Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels: Ready for 100%

Alice Madden

The Intersection of Policy and Politics

Mike Hart

Waste to Energy: Landfill to Grid

Mike Hart, Klaus Lackner, Chip Comins

Emissions Reduction: The Carbon Opportunity

Alison Burchell, James Gaspard, Bill Beierwaltes

Soil, Climate Change and Drought: Evolving Biochar Technology

Michael Bowman

The Rebirth of Hemp: Ancient Plant – Contemporary Resource

Brandon Hurlbut

Clean Energy: A $3 Trillion Revolution

Tom Van Dyck, Andy Behar, Melissa Beck

You Reap What You Know

Rev. Mitchell Hescox

The Faith Based Community and a Low Carbon Future

Mike Phillips

The Determination of Coal

Margie Alt

Protecting the Places We Love and Values We Share

Kim Stevens, Margie Alt, Sally Ranney

Environmental America: Taking the Message Home

StartUp Green Evening Showcase

Day 4 – Thursday, June 23rd

Morning Session – Conservation, Population and Environmental Protection
Morning Host – Peter Hans Ward Humble Plum
Afternoon Session – Leadership and Leveraging Climate Urgency in the 2016 Elections
Afternoon Host – Austin Rosenbaum University of Denver

Rev. Mitchell Hescox

Opening Prayer

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Opening Remarks

Brett Byers

Rainforest Conservation and Global Warming

Larry Schweiger, Mark McGuffie

Conservation and Climate

Louie Psihoyos, Sally Coxe, Dave Weider, Damien Mander

African Trade and Wildlife

Bob Gough, Osprey Orielle Lake

Original Wisdom: Sustaining the Systems of Life

Bill Ryerson, John McBride

Hidden In Plain View: Impacts of Population

Ken Neubecker

Water Energy Nexus

Tom Cardamone, Alyssa Shenk, John McBride

The Snowmass Story

Jerry Tinianow

At Scale and Everyone Plays: Can Big Cities Really Be Sustainable


Top Three Teams Presentations - PART 1


Top Three Teams Presentations - PART 2


Top Three Teams Presentations - PART 3

Amory Lovins

Reinventing Fire: The U.S. China Nexus

David Fenton, Jennifer Broome, Duncan Campbell

Media Moves the World

Paul Miller, DJ Spooky

Culture, Climate and the Global Brain

Steve Michelson, Greg Reitman, John Quigley, Chip Comins


Osprey Orielle Lake, Janice Hall, Joanie Klar, Leanne Wheeler, Leilani Münter

Leadership: Why Women at the Front

Richard Goodwin, Chip Comins

Greenest Village in America

Sen. Tim Wirth, Maggie L. Fox, Gov. Bill Ritter

Clean Energy Leadership from Colorado

Courtlyn Carpenter, Paul Pastrelli, Leigh Francia

SHOW UP! STAND UP! SPEAK UP!: Millennial’s in the 2016 Election

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Mission Blue

Sen. Gail Schwartz

Stepping Up to the Plate: Winning 2016 to Protect Colorado’s Values!

Chip Comins, Sally Ranney

Closing Remarks: From Paris to The Polls

More 2016 videos coming soon! Stay tuned!

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